Doctor Who: Knock Knock geeky spots and Easter eggs

Pete Dillon-Trenchard May 6, 2017

Doctor Who series 10 strikes gold with Knock Knock - and there were some interesting references in it, too...

This article contains lots of spoilers for Doctor Who.

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Knock, Knock is a real treat - a spooky, atmospheric tale with an emotional core and some brilliant guest performances. And in a sense it’s a real treat for this writer too, as it’s one of those Doctor Who episodes that’s so fresh and unlike anything the series has done before in its 54-year history (intentionally or otherwise) that this article is significantly shorter than usual; we hope that’s okay. But as ever, if you think you’ve spotted something we’ve missed, please do leave it in the comments below...

Poirot’s Last Case

We’ll start with a reference that wasn’t - in

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