Shane Abbess returns with "pulpy, Betamax, Sunday matinee film" 'SFV1'

The new Aussie feature .The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One., starring Kellan Lutz, Daniel MacPherson, Luke Ford and Rachel Griffiths, is set in a future where interplanetary colonisation is common.

It tells the story of a drifter (Lutz) who teams up with an off-world military contractor (MacPherson) to rescue his daughter.

Director Shane Abbess ('Infini', 'Gabriel') spoke to If after wrapping up a roadshow of the film, which premiered in Australia at last month.s Gold Coast Film Festival after bowing at Austin.s Fantastic Fest last year..

The director and cast also participated in Q&As at Sydney and Melbourne screenings ahead of the film.s national release in Event and Village Cinemas on May 18.

What.s the response to the film been like?

Shock. The consistent thing is that people are surprised by the scope of the movie, because it.s quite large,

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