TV Shows You Simply Can’t Miss if You Love Vampires

If you love the blood-sucking creatures of the night and you can’t get enough of these horrifying yet beautiful immortal beings, you’ve no doubt seen all the fang-tastic shows that television has to offer…or have you?

Some of the best TV shows feature more than just vampires

Did you know that some of the greatest television shows with the beautiful undead don’t actually have the word “Vampire” in their titles? Take Penny Dreadful for example. This show was rated number1 on IMDb’s list of best vampire TV series. Why? It’s dark, it’s macabre, and its set in Victorian London. While the show does feature a main Dracula-vampire storyline, what’s even more interesting is it is a mashup of several grisly horror tales from actual books that were once sold for a penny in London. These books became very popular and were known as penny dreadfuls.

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