Elle Fanning’s Awful Hair In ‘3 Generations’ Is Why Cisgender Actors Shouldn’t Play Trans Characters

The Weinstein Company, and Harvey Weinstein in particular, is notorious for using unconventional tactics to promote its films; he flew Daniel Day-Lewis to D.C. to support the Americans with Disabilities Act during the Oscar campaign for “My Left Foot,” and paraded Martin Scorsese around at a Women In Film luncheon to prove “Gangs of New York” wasn’t too violent.

While “3 Generations” likely won’t be earning Oscar noms, Weinstein did score (orchestrate?) a flurry of good press when the MPAA gave the transgender drama an R rating, citing language and sexual references in its decision. GLAAD sent the MPAA an angry letter; Naomi Watts gave an impassioned statement about the “beautiful and touching story,” and the MPAA changed the rating to PG-13. And for one brief and shining moment, nobody talked about how awful the movie was. (Current Rotten Tomatoes: 35%.)

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