Marilyn Manson Stars in First Trailer for 'Let Me Make You a Martyr'

"My daddy used to sing me a song..." FilmRise has debuted the first official trailer for a small town indie thriller titled Let Me Make You a Martyr, from filmmakers Corey Asraf & John Swab. This is sort of a continuation of their 2014 short film Judas' Chariot. The film stars Marilyn Manson as a hitman hired by two adopted siblings who devise a plan to kill their abusive father. The cast includes Mark Boone Junior, Sam Quartin, Niko Nicotera, Michael Potts, William Lee Scott, and Slaine. This is an intriguing trailer that uses one chilling scene with Manson to introduce us to the film, and it's very effective. See below. Here's the first trailer (+ poster) for Corey Asraf & John Swab's Let Me Make You a Martyr, on Vimeo: A cerebral revenge film about two adopted siblings who fall in love, and hatch a plan to kill their abusive father. Let Me Make You a Martyr

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