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Netflix To Develop TV Series Based On The Witcher Novel Series

For the longest time, fans have been waiting for the first real big video game movie success. After decades of subpar-to-terrible entertainment. Super Mario Bros. Tomb Raider. Resident Evil. While they have all had varying levels of success, few would call them big runaway hits that caught on with massive audiences (especially Mario). Last year, we hoped Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed would allow the genre to thrive, but here we are in 2017, and little has actually changed.

However, perhaps we were looking at the wrong medium. Earlier this year, it was confirmed that a Castlevania animated TV series would be coming to Netflix, and its enthusiastic producer discussed how he expected it to be the best video game adaptation to date. With that in mind, perhaps we were wrong to look at film as a way to adapt great stories from video games. Perhaps the perfect medium was, in fact,

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