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Slenderman Movie Gets a Creepy Teaser Poster

Shhh! Do you hear something creeping around in the woods? It must be a first look at the new Slenderman movie. Today, we get a teaser poster for director Sylvain White's horror thriller based on the notorious Internet meme.

We don't have an official synopsis for the movie quite yet. But we do get to see the creepy woods Slenderman calls home. The mysterious monster in question is not revealed on this one-sheet. But we can't imagine that Sylvain White and his team are changing the look of this modern day urban fairy tale too much, as fans of the legend have a set idea in their mind what this guy's supposed to look like.

Slenderman is being positioned as one of the big summer movies for 2018. And it could be a hit, as the previous summers have shown audiences are hungry for horror. It will show up on

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