Tinder Date Coming Up? Here’s What to Talk About

This is the right way to do Emmy campaigning. In a historic move, CBS’ “Mom” is foregoing an Emmy campaign this year and is instead donating it’s $250,000 to Planned Parenthood. Let’s hope other shows follow suit as the organization needs support now more than ever. (Hollywood Reporter) Joss Whedon continues his tour of wokeness. Speaking of Planned Parenthood, the director teamed up with the organization to produce a short film about what happens when Pp is shut down. You would think that with all the high-profile pro-Planned Parenthood campaigning taking place, the current administration would take a hint and realize what a huge mistake defunding it would be. (EW) Kirsten Dunst on Hollywood: 'It's always harder for women.'In conversation with director Sophia Coppola to promote their new film “The Beguiled,” the actress got candid about how the industry changes as women age and her difficulty finding funding for “The Bell Jar,

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