'The Square', 'Bpm' land on Screen's Cannes jury grid

Loveless still reigns atop the 2017 grid.

Day three of Screen’s 2017 Cannes jury grid saw two new entrants clock strong scores, though neither could dethrone table-topper Loveless.

Ruben Ostlund’s The Square scored an impressive eight three-star ratings, and one maximum four-star score from France’s Michel Ciment.

The film’s overall score, 2.7, was restricted by the awarding of an X-rating (zero out of four), from France’s Julien Gester and Didier Peron. It sits joint-second with Todd HaynesWonderstruck.

The day’s other new entrant was Robin Campillo’s Bpm (Beats Per Minute), which clocked 2.5, all from two-star and three-star ratings.

Today’s premieres are Noah Baumbach’s Netflix title The Meyerowitz Stories (New And Selected) and Michel Hazanavicius’ Redoubtable – can either of them dethrone Loveless?

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