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The Top Ten ‘Old-School’ Anime series you should be watching

Imagine if you will… It’s a Tuesday night with nothing to do. There you are, sitting on your couch, flipping through channel after channel of mindless drivel. “Is there nothing Good on these days?!” you ask yourself. So in an act of desperation you flip your favorite VOD service on (or open your local video rental catalog) and marvel at the endless hours of entertainment. What to watch? Comedy, Drama? Television series? Feature Film? Who has the time play TV roulette?! Nobody, That’S Who! So in an act of kindness, I lay before you the ten best anime series of yesteryear (in no particular order) for you to burn your eyeballs with during those slow weekday nights! And let’s face it… If your already reading this, What Else would you be doing on a weekday night? Hmm?

10: Cowboy Bebop (1998, Series)

Directed by: Shinichiro Watanabe


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