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Newswire: Tom Cruise insists that a Top Gun sequel is filming soon

Even though he can play shirtless beach volleyball with the Sea Org any time he wants, Tom Cruise is still adamant that a sequel to Top Gun will be made at some point. He reiterated that belief yesterday on the Australian morning chat show Sunrise, saying that the sequel will begin filming “probably in the next year” as the anchors freak the fuck out. “I went to boarding school, and we watched the volleyball scene literally every day,“ co-host Samantha Armytage says.

Worldwide Exclusive: @TomCruise just confirmed that Top Gun 2 is happening! “I’m gonna start filming it probably in the next year”. #sun7

Sunrise (@sunriseon7) May 23, 2017

Beyond Cruise’s gigantic grin and the tingling in Australian TV hosts’ loins, the only proof we have of movement on a Top Gun sequel is a tweet from Jerry Bruckheimer saying that he and Cruise

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