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Spark: A Space Tail Review

Author: Stefan Pape

Before we’ve even had time to settle in to our seats, director Aaron Woodley’s Spark: A Space Tails throws us right into the heart of the action, expecting viewers to instantly understand this new world we’ve inhabited, and the rules and context of this particular universe. While kids marvel at the swirling colours and vibrant aesthetic, parents are left scratching their head – as this haphazard opening act is emblematic of a film that runs at a fast pace, certain to appeal to little ones with a rather short attention span.

Jace Normal voices Spark, a teenage monkey who desperately wants to join his best friends Chunk (Rob deLeeuw) and Vix (Jessica Biel) in setting off on extravagant, life-threatening missions utilising all of their latest, most ambitious of inventions. Told he’s too young to partake, when having to pass on a message, instead Spark

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