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American Gods -- "Lemon Scented You" Recap

Credit: Starz

To say Shadow is just a tad bit emotional about seeing his once dead wife, Laura, sitting up on his motel bed and chatting away would be an understatement.

Rather than ponder how it is she is sitting on his bed, Shadow has more important questions, all of which are regarding her infidelity. Laura goes into detail about how long it took for her to cheat, how long it lasted and what her final moments were like. Shadow listens to every detail, as angering as it is. As the conversation rolls on, the two share a kiss that seems to bring a brief moment of warmth (and a heart beat) to Laura. However, all hopes of a reunion are shot down when Shadow tells Laura he is no longer her Puppy.

Then, Mr. Wednesday knocks at the door and within a minute, police cars pull up and the officers arrest Shadow and Wednesday.

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