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Paramount admits Baywatch’s bad reviews hurt its box office

It’s been a long-standing argument among film lovers: do critics matter? Well, according to one Paramount representative, they did for box office flop Baywatch.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount’s president of worldwide marketing and distribution Megan Colligan noted, “The reviews really hurt the film, which scored great in test screenings. We were all surprised. It is a brand that maybe relied on a positive critical reaction more than we recognized. The cast could not have done more work in aggressively promoting Baywatch. Dwayne [Johnson] gave this 150 percent.”

In the past filmmakers and actors have accused critics of being out-of-touch and will often note that films and TV shows are made “for fans” and “not them”. Dwayne Johnson did this with Baywatch, saying audiences were loving the movie even if critics weren’t. Sadly that audience wasn’t large enough and Baywatch only earned $18 million on its debut weekend,

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