A Grain Of Truth – St. Louis Jewish Film Festival Review

Wednesday, June 7, at 7 Pm, Plaza Frontenac Cinema

Poland; in English and Polish with English subtitles; 112 minutes

In the chilling crime thriller A Grain Of Truth, a hard-nosed prosecutor investigates a murder with bizarre and mysterious trappings, and finds himself immersed in Poland’s antisemitic past, a past that keeps resurfacing despite the modern world.

Murder, mystery and myth combine in the masterful and gripping A Grain Of Truth, director Borys Lankosz’s twisty police procedural thriller, adapted from the second novel in Zygmunt Miloszewshi’s fiction trilogy of the same name. The director and author co-wrote the screenplay, which crackles with suspense and eerie terror.

When the naked body of Ela Budnick is found next to a building that was once a synagogue, along with the probable murder weapon – a knife used in Jewish ritual – alarm spreads in the tiny Polish village. The investigation is assigned to Teodor Szacki (Robert

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