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Live-Action For "Cowboy Bebop"

According to new reports, a live-action "Cowboy Bebop" TV series is in development with Tomorrow Studios and Sunrise Pictures, written by Chris Yost, set in the year 2071, based on the 1998 anime series:

"Fifty years after an accident with a 'hyperspace gateway' made the Earth almost uninhabitable, humanity colonized most of the rocky planets and moons of the 'Solar System'. Then amid a rising crime rate, the 'Inter Solar System Police' ('Issp') set up a legalized contract system, with registered bounty hunters aka 'Cowboys' are allowed to chase criminals, bringing them back alive for a reward.

"In the spaceship 'Bebop', the original crew are 'Spike Spiegel', an exiled former mercenary of the criminal 'Red Dragon Syndicate' and his partner 'Jet Black', a former Issp officer. They are later joined by 'Faye Valentine', an amnesiac con artist, 'Edward Wong', an eccentric girl skilled in hacking and 'Ein', a

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