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A Look at Sci-Fi Thriller Prisoner X [Clip]

Over a decade since his last directorial effort, director Gaurav Seth is back with what seems like an interesting sci-fi thriller.

Prisoner X stars Michelle Nolden as Carmen Reese, a CIA agent who arrives at a secret underground prison where she is to interrogate a captured terrorist thought to be tied to a number of attacks. Turns out he is one of a group of 98 time-travelling agents from the future with the rest still at large and ready to wreak havoc at any moment. Along with Nolden, the movie also stars Romano Orzari, Damon Runyan, and Julian Richings.

The concept of time-travelling terrorists seems to be a current fad - particularly on TV. "Continuum" recently wrapped its run while "Travellers" is currently preparing for season 2. I'm a fan of both of those shows, the [Continued ...]

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