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Dean Cain has made 3 more Christmas movies

Kirsten Howard Jun 7, 2017

Lois & Clarke actor Dean Cain has added another three new Christmas movies to his legacy, but only one of them has a dog in it (we think)...

In the last 16 years, Dean Cain - former Superman and current Superdad - has made 16 Christmas movies.

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Important to note, here, that he hasn't made one a year. No. During 2014, for example, he made 4 in a row (Merry Ex-Mas, A Belle For Christmas, The Three Dogateers and Small Town Santa).

If you're new to Den Of Geek (or just weren't aware) we've watched nearly all of them, including the many made-for-tv ones where his co-star is a talking dog (and, in a lot of cases, multiple talking dogs).

Well, since we last updated our article, Mr Cain has made three more Christmas films - Beverly Hills Christmas,

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