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Event Review: ‘Collectormania 24′

Okay, I was dubious about attending this Collectormania 24. Perhaps dubious isn’t the right word. Without sounding negative, if you have been to one event put on by Showmasters you have essentially been to them all. Which is a good thing. We are after all creatures of habit. The reason I didn’t want to attend this con was because the previous 23 incarnations of Collectormania took place in my home town in a venue with free entry. It felt dirty attending this Collectormania – which took place in Birmingham’s NEC. So for me a forty minute train… Right, trains aren’t cheap, man. But I can’t hold the good people of Showmasters responsible for that! Standard entry was £11 which compared to free seems extortionate, but realistically for an event this size, is more than reasonable. For me any entry of £20 better be a special experience. A goody bag thrown in at the very least.

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