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‘Grass Kings #3′ & ‘The Unsound #1′ Review

Grass Kings #3

Written by Matt Kindt | Art by Tyler Jenkins | Published by Boom Studios

Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenks are building something special with Grass Kings. This is a book with so much unique character to it. Only three issues in and this world already has a lot of texture due in large part to the opening epilogs of each issue. Outside of the foreshadowing, it also gives a time and place to this unique location. We find out more about this world bit by bit and what it took to get to current status quo.

For a third issue, it is impressive how well so many of these characters are established. Kindt has dedicated the majority of these first issues to conversations. Whether it’s people talking about their desire to watch real cinema or what happened to their missing child a lot of exposition has been spouted in a rather organic way.

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