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Gurdas Maan’s ‘Punjab’ goes viral: Watch the song here

Gurdas Maan, the living legend of Punjab has done it again with his new song – Punjab. The video is taking the internet by storm. Depicting the sorry state of Punjab with drug addiction, so-called modern yet insensitive lifestyle of people, hypocrisy, consumerism, politics and what not! The impactful lyrics of the song are bond to churn out the emotions that we have lost on the go. The song, Punjab, is a satire on modern day living and a comparison of how Bhagat Singh would react seeing his country going down on morality. The country for which Bhagat Singh battled till his last, does it even deserve his sacrifice? Well, the answer lies within us but how we persuade it, is the call that we need to take, now! The song has gathered strong celeb reactions. Watch the song here: Read Also: Gurdas Maan releases the teaser of his upcoming album

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