Raw Meat Midnights This Weekend at The Moolah – ‘Late Night Grindhouse’

“Mind the doors! “

Raw Meat screens Midnights this weekend (June 30th and July 1st) at The Moolah Theater and Lounge (3821 Lindell Blvd, St. Louis, Mo 63108) as part of Destroy the Brain’s monthly Late Night Grindhouse film series.

Trapped by falling masonry during construction of the London Underground, a group of Victorian workers survive in the bowels of the earth for more than a century, breeding amongst themselves and cannibalizing the dead. A hundred years after their ordeal began, the last remaining descendant (Hugh Armstrong) finds his way back to the surface and begins to abduct people from station platforms in a desperate bid for companionship…..and food.

Despite its lurid title, the 1972 cannibal-in-the-subway movie from Gary Sherman (whose Dead And Buried and Vice Squad have already played Late Night Grindhouse), Raw Meat is one of the most intelligent and boldest horror films of the ‘70s. The opening scenes of

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