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The Scent Of Rain And Lightning review

Maika Monroe, Maggie Grace and Bonnie Bedelia star in The Scent Of Rain And Thunder - an unmissable indie thriller...

There are some movies that come at us with all the subtlety of a charging rhino. There are others that encourage us to lean in, listen closely, and absorb every detail. The Scent Of Rain And Lightning, a mystery-thriller based on a novel by Nancy Pickard, falls into the latter category - which is one reason why it's such a must-see movie.

Told with intimate close-ups and a dreamlike blurring of the past and present, The Scent Of Rain And Lightning tells the story of Jody Linder (Maika Monroe), an Oklahoman 20-something whose psychological wounds are reopened when a lank-haired, loathsome character named Billy (Brad Carter) is suddenly released from prison. When Jody was still a child, her parents were both brutally murdered, and the finger of suspicion quickly fell on Billy.

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