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The Same Old Story: England’s Fifty Years of Hurt Set to Continue?

Oh how I wish the title of this article could be different. Sadly when England come up against Germany in any competition (especially in a semi-final) there’s a good chance it will end in defeat. Sad but true. Before the game, I let myself get carried away thinking of different titles for this piece on English football, such as ‘England’s Bright Future’, or ‘Bring on Russia’. But unfortunately as soon as the referee blew his whistle for the end of extra time, the title wrote itself.

After the major success of England winning the U20 ‘s World Cup, the nation inevitably turned their attention to the U21’s European Championships. The U20’s 1-0 win over Venezuela meant it was England’s biggest international title since Bobby Moore lifted the World Cup in 1966. That’s depressing. Not taking anything away from the U20’s impressive feat, but surely

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