Eiff 2017: Julius Caesar Review

Author: Guest

As a row of women, led by prison guards, are marched onto a sparse and industrial set, the Julius Caesar that audiences are familiar with is revived and remodelled in Phyllida Lloyd’s adaptation of the Shakespeare classic, in this first instalment of the Donmar Shakespeare Trilogy.

The cast, exclusively female, and for some, their first experience of performing Shakespeare, not only bring a different voice to a stereotypically male dominated production, but at the same time provide a platform for voices of those who may feel excluded from mainstream society and culture.

Led by theatre veteran Harriet Walter, Donmar’s Julius Caesar pushes Shakespeare into new territory, bringing it bang up-to-date with current issues relating to gender, the prison system, fear and diversity. The audience on screen: set in the round, and filmed over two nights, allows for seamless camera placement. Part prison, part Rome: It smashes

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