Star Trek: the 10 worst Starfleet Admirals

Juliette Harrisson Jul 5, 2017

Juliette counts down ten terrible Admirals that Starfleet must have been mad to promote...

You would think Starfleet would be very careful about who they promote to Admiral, running numerous psychological tests, only promoting those with a solid track record as Captain and keeping a close eye on them for signs of inappropriate behaviour. But no. Based on the evidence of this sorry lot, Starfleet generally just promote whoever happens to be in the vicinity and looks good in the fancy uniform.

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As will become clear below, this is particularly true of Admirals sent to work with the Federation’s flagship, the USS Enterprise. During the 24th century, the appearance of an Admiral on the bridge of the Enterprise is generally a solid indicator of upcoming shenanigans. We can only presume Starfleet

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