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Bww Exclusive: On Cost Of Living- Disability and Representation On Stage

I was sent the script of Cost Of Living by Martyna Majok the week of Valentine's Day 2016. I burned through it in one sitting. First impressions were that this was not your average project 'about disability' - this writer had a very unique voice and was using it to say some pretty profound stuff. When people ask me what the show is about, I have a hard time boiling it down to a sound bite - and my opinion keeps changing. It's about the act of providing care to someone and how that changes the dynamic of a relationship and surviving something 'tragic,' but at what Cost It's a beautiful dance between two seemingly unrelated stories, each with a person who needs care and a caregiver. It's about two relationships - one is brand new and the other has run its course. It explores those with means and those

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