New Warriors: Marvel Casts Everyone's Favorite At&T Girl As Squirrel Girl

Marvel Television seems intent on giving us more shows based on their characters by companies not named Netflix. While in my view this is obviously a terrible idea, I'm just a guy living paycheck-to-paycheck who gets really excited for twice-a-month trips to Chipotle. The head honchos over at Marvel TV, though, have a New Warriors show to cast.

If you're unfamiliar with the New Warriors, keep your chin up. They debuted in the pages of Thor in 1989, had their own book for parts of the 90s, and then were subsequently completely killed off in 2006 in the opening chapter of Civil War. Of course, this being a comic book company, a new New Warriors later formed, but the show seems to be based off the original team. Sadly, we won't get to see them offed in Civil War since, you know, that movie already happened (and Kevin Feige's having nothing

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