First Trailer for Indie Crime Comedy '68 Kill' with AnnaLynne McCord

"Deranged human beings doing awful things." IFC Midnight has revealed a trailer for a film titled 68 Kill, a crime comedy from actor/director Trent Haaga. The quotes in this trailer seem to describe it better than anything else: "a white-trash, punk-rock, blood-soaked romp" and "brilliantly, utterly insane." The film stars Matthew Gray Gubler as Chip, and AnnaLynne McCord as his girlfriend, who comes up with a plan to rip off her rich sugar daddy. Of course, everything falls apart and Chip tries to straighten things out but ends up on a wild ride. The cast includes Alisha Boe, Sheila Vand, Sam Eidson, Michael Beasley, James Moses Black, David Maldonado, Ajay Mehta, Hallie Grace Bradley, and Lucy Faust. This definitely looks insane, like something to watch late on a weekend after you've had a few beers with friends. Here's the official trailer (+ two posters) for Trent Haaga's 68 Kill, direct from

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