George Romero's collaborator still working on Road Of The Dead

Ryan Lambie Jul 19, 2017

Filmmaker and collaborator Mark Birman has vowed to bring the late George Romero's unfilmed screenplays to the screen...

On the 16th July, genre cinema lost one of its great pioneers: writer-director George Romero, who brought us such classics as Night Of The Living Dead, Martin and Dawn Of The Dead. Well into his 70s, the filmmaker was still working at a prolific rate; he was reportedly gearing up to find the financing for another horror satire project, Road Of The Dead, about zombies forced to drive cars for the entertainment of the wealthy.

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Romero may be gone, but Matt Birman, a filmmaker and stunt coordinator who worked on a number of the late auteur's movies, has vowed to get Road Of The Dead made

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