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The Strain Season 4 Episode 1 Review – ‘The Worm Turns’

Martin Carr reviews the season 4 premiere of The Strain

With a rosy nuclear winter turning daylight to permanent dusk, munchers walking the streets and Eldritch Palmer possessed things could be better. Manhattan is cloaked in a doom and gloom which extends beyond a lack of food, adequate sanitation and makeshift rationing centre. Humanity is dwelling on the aftermath of a battle waged, people sacrificed and middle ground taken. It is an uneasy alliance which exists as humans are subtlety taken, farmed for blood or savaged for sport in plain sight. This is the new reality Ephraim Goodweather must adapt to or die.

With our heroes split asunder and surviving day to day The Strain shares the screen time between Eichorst , Palmer, Fet and Quinlan while Goodweather skirts the periphery. Corey Stoll continues to be the morally flexible centre of this thriller, illustrating a resourceful side which we have seen grow since season one.

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