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Movie Review – Scribe (2016)

Scribe, 2016.

Directed by Thomas Kruithof.

Starring Francois Cluzet, Denis Polyades, Sami Bouajila, Simon Abkarian and Alba Rohrwacher.


A burn-out leaves Duval (Francois Cluzet) recovering from alcoholism and unemployable. Seemingly out of the blue, he receives a job offer, transcribing recorded telephone conversations. He has no choice but to take it but quickly discovers that it has wider implications that will directly affect his own life.

Thomas Kruithof has chosen some hard acts to follow for his feature debut. In Scribe, he resurrects memories of classics like The Conversation and The Lives Of Others, with their deliberately overheard conversations and built-in paranoia. He risks simply going over old ground. What he delivers is stylish, gripping and sparse.

A lean, if not minimalist, film in so many ways, Scribe confines itself to just a scant 90 minutes, but Kruithof gets a lot out of a little. As Duval, the man at the centre of it all,

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