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Horror Highlights: Five Nights At Freddy’S Board Game, Lifetime Scary Movie Set, Twin Cities Horror Festival 2017

See if you can survive five whole nights at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria while playing the Five Nights at Freddy's board game from Moose Games. Also in today's Horror Highlights: a Lifetime Scary Movie DVD set and the lineup for the 2017 Twin Cities Horror Festival.

Five Nights at Freddy's Board Game Release Details: "Five Nights at Freddy's Board Game: "(Moose Games; Ages 8+; August 2017; $24.99) Five Nights at Freddy’s from Moose Games is the first licensed, non-digital game to bring the popular entertainment property from Scottgames to life. The jump/scare-style game tests players’ nerves and adrenaline levels as they try to collect the most pizza game pieces without waking Freddy Fazbear.

Game play is as simple as it is scary! Each player takes a chance spinning the spinner board and collecting the required number of colored pizza pieces from Freddy’s pizza tray. The player that awakens the included animatronic Freddy,

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