Drive-In Dust Offs: Sole Survivor (1983)

In retrospect, Carnival of Souls (1962) certainly cast a long and deep shadow over the horror genre; not for general audiences at the time, where it ended up relegated to the bargain bins of the public domain for decades. But horror frequently pays it forward, and filmmakers find inspiration in the lost and obscure. Take the debut from Thom Eberhardt, Sole Survivor (1983), an oasis of cool originality in a genre that was drying out in the slasher sands.

Given a limited release in December, Eberhardt used the meager $350,000 budget to his advantage, crafting a film filled with an eerie calm and paying it forward himself by inspiring Final Destination (2000) and It Follows (2014). Sometimes big shadows are cast from small sources, and Sole Survivor has earned its particular darkness.

Our film opens with over the hill actress/psychic Karla (Caren LarkeyGet Out) predicting a plane crash. On that very plane is

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