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Newswire: Ice-t to appear in Clinton Road, a horror movie that’s not about emails

According to Variety, Ice-t has signed on to appear in Clinton Road, a horror movie that—to the best our knowledge—is not about the terrible things that can happen when you have secret emails or whatever. At the risk of making all Republican senators lose interest in the film, Clinton Road is actually about a “notorious” road that cuts through New Jersey’s Pine Barrens and is the basis for a lot of spooky urban legends and paranormal sightings. Naturally, the movie centers around a group of teenagers who decide to investigate the road, only to find themselves “scrambling against a sadistic satanic cult.”

Ice-t is a little too old to play a teenager and lacks the wings to needed to play the Jersey Devil, so he’ll be filling in the classic horror archetype of the weird local guy who knows about all of the scary things and

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