Fantasia 2017: 68 Kill Review: Dir. Trent Haaga (2017)

68 Kill Review: A young man finds his life in tatters after agreeing to help his girlfriend steal from her sugar daddy in the despicably dark and deadly 68 Kill. 68 Kill Review

Hollywood and society is obsessed with fitting everything, including movies, into boxes. This sadly means that if a film doesn’t easily slot into one of those boxes, most distributors / studios pass on it. Thankfully though there are occasionally people out there that take the risk on what is different and our reward is films such as 68 Kill. The film is comprised with elements of thriller, black comedy, road movie, action, horror, crime and romance stitched together, the result a break-neck pace, insane thrill ride. It might not fit into a neat little box, but it will entertain and enthral all who watch it.

68 Kill Review

Matthew Gray Gubler (Criminal Minds) stars as 68 Kill‘s hapless hero, Chip. Chip is a blue collar worker,

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