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The Female Action Hero

Tom Jolliffe on female action heroes…

With the impending UK release of Atomic Blonde, it now seems a good time to consider the female action hero. You may think this ‘phenomena’ only stretches back to around the time Sigourney Weaver donned a mecha-suit, but it goes back further. There has certainly been a significant rise in the last two decades in female lead action movies, but still, particularly on the big screen, they remain the exception to the rule. For whatever reason I suppose they’ve generally not sold as successfully as the male counterparts. Maybe the atypical grunting, stoic action caveman suits the male species more, but perhaps there’s still an inherent sexism. Indeed, when the ladies have it their own action piece there tends to be a level of exploitation (Atomic Blonde has all the hallmarks of an explo film going by the trailers, but in a

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