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The Hit List of 2010 - Part 1

While The Black List may be getting most of the press from entertainment news circles when it's announced in December, there's another compilation of the best new ideas and writing being offered to Hollywood movie studios and producers. It's called The Hit List (Thl), and it differs from The Black List in one fundamental way: whereas The Black List (Tbl) is a list of the top unproduced screenplays in Hollywood, several of the screenplays on that list have been purchased or are in development.

Take a look at last year's Black List (Part 1 is here, Part 2 is here) and here we are, one year later, and several of the scripts that made the 2009 list will be coming out in 2011 -- or have already been released (like The Social Network or Due Date). The Hit List is different in that it seeks to give attention to spec screenplays -- that is,

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