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Movie Review – Cardboard Gangsters (2017)

Cardboard Gangsters, 2017.

Directed by Mark O’Connor.

Starring John Connors, Jimmy Smallhorne, Kierston Wareing, Fionn Walton, and Fiona Twamley Hewitt.


Four childhood friends have grown up in the Darndale part of Dublin and are now determined to take control of the drug trade from the local crime lord. It means money, power, women and everything they want. But it comes at a price.

As the local Mr Big yells after them, they’re nothing but cardboard gangsters – four young men who’ve hung around together since childhood and who are now trying to challenge the established underworld order.

Not that they see it that way. The lads in Cardboard Gangsters have been brought up in Darndale in Dublin, where a helicopter hovering overhead is an everyday occurrence, where no take away service will deliver and where the houses are identically faceless and grey. They want the money, the bling,

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