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Blu-ray Review: Beyond The Darkness (1979)

Joe D’Amato was a filmmaker that I only knew (other than his reputation for skin flicks and sleaze) from the one movie of his I had seen, Anthropophagous (1980), aka The Grim Reaper, aka "The One Where The Guy Eats The Baby Fetus." And going by that, I had a lot of trepidation upon opening Severin Films’ brand new Blu of Beyond the Darkness (1979), D’Amato’s exploration of necrophilia, icky maternal obsession, and stuffing the ones we love. I needn’t have worried. Beyond the Darkness, aka Buried Alive, aka Buio Omega, is not only vastly superior to Anthropophagous, it gives me hope that the D’Amato catalogue is filled with further gems to uncover. I mean, they’re not All porn, right? Right?

Take pity on poor Frank (Kieran Canter – The Devil in Mr. Holmes). The wealthy, single, orphaned taxidermist’s fiancé Anna (Cinzia Monreale – The Beyond) lies dying in the hospital,

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