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Favorite Moments from Locarno Festival 2017: Yacht Strafing, Gym Rivalry, Alcatraz Island

A Skin So SoftIt's 95 degrees in the shade here in the Swiss city of Locarno, where, nestled between lake and mountain, the 70th edition of the Locarno Festival is beckoning with the promise of several international competitions, a retrospective of B-Hollywood auteur Jacques Tourneur, screenings in the open-air, 8,000-person capacity Piazza Grande, special prizes for Jean-Marie Straub and Todd Haynes, and that quintessential lure of the cinematic experience: air-conditioned theatres.With so much to choose from there is no correct schedule or pathway through such a bounty; one can't see everything, and the delight of discovery must mingle with the pang of missing something unexpected—or, more likely, a movie impossible to fit into a day’s schedule already jammed with five to seven different screenings.Already the films have run together in my mind, the effect most definitely of the withering heat at once baking and steaming the hillside city,

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