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Two Korean Films Dominate All Time High First Half Korean 2017 Box Office

According to the Korean Film Council (Kofic), this is the highest box office South Korea achieved among the first half in years.

Yoo Hae-jin and Hyun Bin in Confidential Assignment (2017) (Source:

The report stated that there were 97.29 million admissions, which resulted in a all-time high ticket sales of Usd 704.5 million. The number of viewers increased by 2.66 million for a growth of 2.8% from the same time last year, whilst the box office grew 3.4% with an increase of Usd 23.3 million. However, local films only took 41.62 million admissions, witnessed a decrease of 2.2 million (down 5%).

In comparison to last year, domestic films held a 42.8% market share, which was 3.5% less. On the other hand, foreign movies attracted 55.6 million viewers, increased by 4.86 million (up 9.6%) from first half of 2016. Us titles accounted for 48.8% of admissions, while European took 2% and Chinese took 0.2%. Meanwhile, Japanese films’ share surprisingly jumped 86% to take 5.2% of market share, mainly thanks to

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