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What is Fazer from ‘N-Dubz’ doing now?

Fazer – whose real name is Richard Rawson – was one member of the trio which made up N-Dubz, one of the most popular acts of this century. With three platinum albums under their belts and eight Top 40 songs, it may have seemed like there was nowhere to go after the band went their separate ways – but Fazer has carved out quite a career.

After the band split up, Fazer went down the path which many might have expected of him, and became an award-winning producer, songwriter and DJ who can be hired through his booking agency, as well as a real force of nature in the music industry. What no-one predicted was the success of the company which he formed, and his entrepreneurship has also impressed.

His creative development and production company, Stl, has worked with artists including Rita Ora and Jessie J, proving it a real force to be reckoned with.

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