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World War Party: Game of Trump combines political satire and crude humour to devastating effect

Prepare for apocalyptic top down, action multiplayer shooter World War Party: Game of Trump coming to PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. Political satire and crude humour abound in this 8 player deathmatch between two teams of four players, as your army attempts to take out America’s sweetheart Trump alongside your opposing team’s politically correct faction, such as the Kimchi (North Koreans), or Krauts (Germans). There is also a single player mode if you fancy taking out Trump and the Putank (Russians)…ahem. In the words of the eponymous Trump, “It’s gonna be great.”

Artem Tarassov, CEO of Bad Monkee, says: “We love crude humor, games with guns, explosions, tanks, mayhem and competitive gameplay. And we hate censorship, restrictions, autocrats and everything in the mainstream. To make a violent slugfest of a game about the Us president seemed… a logical choice.”

World War Party: Game of Trump

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