Juggernaut Turns Disbelief into a Path of Revenge: Early Stills

Mad Samurai Productions' next title is Juggernaut. This is the same production company behind Jeff Renfroe's The Colony (2013). Their latest is a crime thriller, starring: Jack Kesy (Deadpool 2), Stephen McHattie and Peter McRobbie. The film was shot in Kamloops, British Columbia. And, levelFILM will release Juggernaut in Canada, possibly in 2017; the film is currently in post-production. A preview of this compelling thriller is hosted here. The film's story starts with Saxon Gamble. He has just lost his mother. But, he does not believe her death was a suicide. Determined to find the truth, Saxon sets out on a path of revenge, to bring her killers to justice. A few promotional items have released for Juggernaut. The film's first poster is shown here. The graphic shows characters Saxon (Kesy) and Hank Sr. (McHattie), in a car. Early stills show characters with guns, on the hunt for someone. As well,

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