Q&A: Nicholas Bushman and Mike Dwyer Discuss Working with Keith David & More for Union Furnace

Out on Blu-ray and DVD beginning August 15th is Union Furnace, a new horror thriller from Metropol Pictures that follows a group of strangers playing a deadly game that could lead to either a massive payday or a grisly death. For our latest Q&A feature, we caught up with co-star and co-writer Mike Dwyer as well as co-writer/director Nicholas Bushman to discuss working with Keith David (Platoon, The Thing, They Live), potential sequels, and much more for their new movie.

Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us, Nicholas and Mike. When did you two first come up with the idea for Union Furnace?

Mike Dwyer: A few cold winters ago back when we were finishing up Sandbar, our first movie. Nick already had the character that I play, Cody Roy, for some time, but was looking for a road for him to walk down.

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