‘Molly’s Game’ Trailer: Jessica Chastain Plays High Stakes Poker

When it comes to cinema, the folks who are strictly screenwriters don’t typically receive top-billing recognition, at least not among garden-variety moviegoers. The household names tend to be actors and directors, in that order. For years, Aaron Sorkin has been one of the exceptions that prove the rule. He has penned incredible television, from “The West Wing” to “The Newsroom,” and he has penned incredible films, from “A Few Good Men” to “The Social Network.” Come this November, however, Sorkin will no longer be an exception to the rule because he is (finally!) making his directorial debut with Stx Entertainment’s “Molly’s Game.”

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While Sorkin is jumping behind the camera for the first time, it doesn’t mean he’s left his old gig in the rearview,

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