Horror Highlights: The Dark Below on VOD, Lycan World Premiere, Terror Films’ August Releases

She's stuck swimming below the ice in subzero temperatures, but her biggest threat watches from above... In today's second Horror Highlights, we have VOD release details for Douglas Schulze's new horror thriller The Dark Below, as well as world premiere details for Lycan and information on three horror releases from Terror Films.

The Dark Below Home Media Release Details: The Dark Below is now in Redbox and can also be watched on Comcast On Demand, iTunes, Direct TV, Google Play, and other digital platforms. To learn more, visit the film on iTunes.

"For his fourth and most daring film, director Douglas Schulze (Mimesis, Dark Fields) brings us The Dark Below. This tense, fear driven film utilizes minimal dialog, portrays a woman (Lauren Mae Shafer) struggling for survival beneath a frozen lake while a serial killer (David G.B. Brown) stalks her from the surface."


Lycan World Premiere: Join cast

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