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“Marjorie Prime” could be an awards vehicle for veteran actress Lois Smith

High concept independent fare is hard to pull off. That kind of goes without saying. Inherently, science fiction cinema does tend to require a budget. The exception is when the entire concept is something that doesn’t need to be shown. Ideas can be expanded upon by actors and dialogue. This week, an interesting example of this particular type of indie film is hitting theaters in Marjorie Prime. The fact that the flick was even attempted is a testament to the talented cast assembled, including veteran actress Lois Smith, who could find herself in the Oscar conversation if things break the right way for her. The movie is an adaptation of the play of the same name, with Smith reprising her portrayal of the title role. Essentially, this is a bit of a sci-fi tale, though the human emotion is what’s on full display. In the future, a service

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