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Camilo Restrepo’s Impressions

Camilo Restrepo's Impression of a War (2015) is playing August 10 - September 8, 2017 on Mubi in many countries around the world as part of the series Direct from Locarno.Like Shadows Growing as the Sun Goes DownThe characters in Camilo Restrepo’s films make art in the face of death. They are dancers, jugglers, tattoo artists, painters, and singers who collectively rise to exorcise hardships. Their journeys are chronicled in lucid, elliptical fashion by an artist whose handheld pursuits of people endow them with explosive and ethereal impressions of force and power.Restrepo was born in 1975 in Colombia, where he lived until a scholarship took him to Europe to study painting. His first three films were shot in his birth country on Super 8 and 16mm and additionally utilized digital archival materials to tell parts of the nation’s recent past in relation to its present time; his two subsequent films were

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